We Create Exceptionally Creative Web Designs

OXDevelopment knows your high standards and loves to meet them ingeniously. We being a pioneer web development company respect your time and ideas and deliver most alluring web designs.

What We Do

We work hand in hand with our customers to make their business better. Together, we find your true potential and seek out the business you deserve. You have other things to worry about. We are a full service web development & digital marketing company providing managed solutions, staff augmentation, and overhead reduction options.

Web Development

Your materials and campaigns speak volumes about your organization. Based on your brand strategy, we help ensure your messaging is cogent and clear.

Digital Marketing

Hire us to deliver organic results for your business and crush your competition.




We’re an agency that runs remarkably successful SEO campaigns in the most competitive sectors, using a unique blend of technical and creative expertise.


We work with brands from the inside out—diving deep into what makes them different so the creative perfectly aligns with who they are.

Web Design

An attractive online presence that gets audiences the information and experience they need is paramount in today’s digital world. We use WordPress to bring brands to life online.

Video Marketing

Nothing holds attention like video. If you are not using video to promote your business, then you are probably missing new customers.

Social Media

Social media gives you a chance to promote your business in a highly effective way. Develop new relationships and educate your customers.

Content Strategy

Using customized content recommendations, we’ll leverage our in-house team of experts to create content that’ll boost your site’s SEO performance.

Modern Keyword Analysis

Keyword research is no longer a strict “volume versus competition” analysis. We build target queries around key customer moments.

Our Team

Jason Charleton

Co-Founder, CEO

Ryan Cox

Co-Founder, President

Wylie Stilwell

Head of the Paid Media

Christopher Pickerel

Director, Business Development

Let’s Work Together

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