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Is Your Website Mobile App Ready?

It’s no secret that the mobile revolution is already here. Everyone’s been abuzz with talk about the need for websites to be mobile-ready and responsive for years now. But considering mobile device usage accounts for 55% of all internet activity, now is the perfect...

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Google unveils early, surprise preview of Android N

If you’ve been following Android N-related news over the last, little while, you’d have been forgiven for thinking that Google would only begin publicly talking about Android N in May, when it holds its I/O developer conference. Android N is the company’s codename for...

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A simple introduction to Swift

At the WWDC 2014 Apple introduced a brand new programming language called Swift,. It’s a language that has been created by Apple from the ground up to be both very efficient and very beautiful. Swift uses the same API’s as C but in my opinion is easier to learn and...

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Getting started with PhoneGap, part 3

With the first and second parts of this tutorial we have gotten pretty far when it comes to understanding PhoneGap and in this last part we will take a look at some more device API’s that we can make use of when creating our mobile applications with PhoneGap. The...

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Getting started with PhoneGap, part 2

The first part of this mini-series showed you what PhoneGap is, and how it can help you develop mobile applications with familiar technologies. In this second part we’ll look at some more device APIs. The geolocation API This API is used on a variety of websites to...

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Getting started with PhoneGap

Creating Mobile applications is something a lot of web developers are keen to get into. The problem with creating these applications when coming from a web background is that new languages need to be learned. With PhoneGap that need is gone, PhoneGap allows you to...

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12 Magento Pitfalls (and How to Avoid Them)

To this day, Magento stands firm to its reputation as the most popular e-commerce platform among online businesses. From startups, SME’s to large scale corporations, this orange shopping cart has been knighted as “The People’s Favorite”. Be it brands like Nike,...

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Getting Started with PostCSS and Gulp

PostCSS is a programming tool that uses JS plugins to transform styles. The plugins can do different tasks in CSS, like transpiling CSS syntax, supporting mixins and variables, linting CSS, inlining images and much more. PostCSS has grown popular in recent times, and...

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How to build your own theme for Grav CMS

Grav is an open source flat-file CMS platform, built by the RocketTheme Team. While there are plenty of great CMS platforms available, they are all mostly database-driven, which can be overkill for smaller websites. Instead of a database, Grav uses folders and a basic...

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